Co-operation - sharing skills and working together
with our clients to improve their systems


Making sense of your
business finances

  • Managing your money
  • Making the numbers add up
  • Improving your systems
  • Helping you understand accounts
  • Dealing with the taxman fearlessly


Organising and analysing
your client work

  • Knowing who you work with
  • Organising your activities
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Analysing your outcomes
  • Giving the right reports to your funders

This is who we are

A co-operative business: successfully working together since 1997 with our clients across the UK, sharing our skills and enabling you to design, manage and look after your business accounts and databases.



Co-opportunity are co-op friendly, understand our aims and objectives so support given is appropriate – we would absolutely recommend Coopportunity. The relationship with Co-opportunity developed over many years which initially helped us develop systems needed to make the rest work smoothly. The accounting system has helped us save time, stress and money!

Jigsaw Catering Co-op