Mark Hitchins – Accountancy services

Mark grew up in various places including London, the Isle of Wight and Norwich, and studied psychology at York University. He says “after a series of  boring menial jobs – then as now it was hard to get decent work as a graduate – I landed at Essential Trading in Bristol soon after it was set up”. Mark stayed at Essential for about 15 years, covering all aspects of the worker co-operative’s business from mixing muesli, loading lorries and picking orders to paying wages and dealing with contracts and insurance.

“Once I was involved in the administration and management of the co-operative I found, rather to my surprise that I enjoyed accounting, particularly doing the management accounts and dealing with the year end.” After leaving Essential Mark worked as a co-operative development adviser for Avon CDA, alongside Tim and Mark, and the idea of setting up Co-opportunity was born.

Mark specialises in management accounts and works in this capacity for some of Co-opportunity’s larger clients including Southmead Development Trust and Age UK Bristol. Outside his busy work life he’s happily married and enjoys spending time with his daughter and son.

Mark Hitchins

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