Room 13 Hareclive

Room 13 is an independent, highly acclaimed, child led arts and enterprise project working with children at Hareclive Primary School in Hartcliffe, south Bristol.  We needed to be able to measure the numbers of children making use of our project and analyse this by when they came and who they were (age, gender, ethnicity, free school meals).  We also wanted to record other information about children who were particularly involved in the project.  We needed a database that could do this, whilst still being as simple and user-friendly as possible: children are involved in all aspects of running Room 13, and 10 or 11 year olds might well be inputting data or looking things up; and no adult within our very small team is particularly IT minded.  We also needed something that was affordable and possible for us, as Room 13 achieves a great deal on limited resources.

Tim of Co-opportunity delivered all of this.  We have a data base that fits our brief and is very simple to use at the level of looking up information and inputting.  It was affordable, thanks to Tim offering us a slightly discounted rate for charities and community groups.  It was developed to our time deadlines.  And it was all done in a friendly, supportive way.  We now have an ongoing relationship with Co-opportunity: queries are handled quickly and clearly; and we have been able to buy in extra training and support around producing reports and presenting data.  Having this database has completely changed how we can talk about our project to funders and other supporters.  It gives us incredibly valuable information that really helps to demonstrate how well Room 13 is used – which turns out to be even more than we had estimated in our heads.

Tim is very knowledgeable and takes great care with work and has attention to detail, and this combination means that he has also – along the way – pointed out many tips and suggestions for making our IT systems and work more effective, which we greatly appreciate.  We very much recommend Co-opportunity and feel that they genuinely care about helping the projects they work with be more effective.